• They are groups of three people of the same gender.

  • They are peer-led (you are investing in each other and not overly relying on someone else to tell you ‘how it is’).

  • They usually meet every two to four weeks for one hour or more (this regularity facilitates openness but doesn’t create over-dependancy). It doesn’t have to be at the same time or even the same day of the week.


Some triplets form organically with no need for anyone to be encouraged to get involved. However, even if this is the case, we ask that the group make themselves known to the pastoral team tasked to oversee Discipleship Triplets.

If you are struggling to connect we will help you find others to join with. Please do not be afraid to ask for help or guidance at anytime!


Over the first few times you meet we suggest that each member takes it in turn to share their story of becoming a Christian, or if a member is exploring church and faith, then they could share their story of what brought them to the moment they are now living in. The idea of this story telling is that you learn how to share more deeply about key moments in your life and how these experiences have impacted you.

As each person shares their story, those who have listened should take some time asking questions about how what they have experienced has shaped their relationship and / or their view of God.

Once everyone has shared, you may want to then make use of the questions later in this guide to help you through your sessions together so they are as fruitful as possible.

As you start off, we’d really encourage you to read the Bible together. We’d also recommend reading ‘You Can Change’ by Tim Chester. Each time you meet you can discuss what you’ve read and how you feel God is challenging you.

It’s really important to leave enough time each session to pray together and hear from God.

We’d encourage you to regularly review how the group is going. When you do this, take a moment to re-read the page ‘Getting the most from Discipleship Triplets’ which is available in this guide.

If you would like to know more about Discipleship Triplets and have specific questions please use this form. Thanks! 

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